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I'm carrying Assad and I'm solicitor with cool down cool down solicitors UK limited and I'm going to be talking to you today a little bit about how the court looks at the factors that are in consideration when we're looking at children the first thing to note is that the course task is to look at the children's welfare is paramount and there are a number of factors that the court will consider when it considers the interests of children the first is that the children if they are able to can give their wishes and feelings as to where they want to spend time and who they want to spend time with and the court has recently looked at changing the way in which a number of things are looked at so previously it was considered and it was looked at as custody contact residence and now the court is looking at child arrangements and the court in determining child arrangements is really looking at where the children will live and who will they spend time with and so if the children are able to give their wishes and feelings the court has to give precedence to that the court is also looking at the children's physical emotional and educational needs when considering the best interests of children and it's important that those factors are all looked at not just those and that's not an exhaustive list but in fact a number of factors are in the core stream its to consider the court has to also look at the possible effects of any changes that will occur in the child's life so if we are to change residents of a child to from one parent to another it's important to look at how that will affect a child not just in terms of their day-to-day needs but also as I mentioned the educational emotional and other surrounding needs of the child the court also has to look at a number of relevant characteristics including the child sex background and age and it's important when we look at a child's age that we look at whether or not a child is able to give their wishes and feelings and also to express what it is that they truly want and not what a particular parent wants of that child the court also has to consider whether the child has suffered from any harm that when living with either of the parents or is likely to suffer harm if there is a change of their residence from one parent to another and that is a very significant task that the court must undertake when looking at whether a child's interest is best met by either or one of the parents the court also must consider and this is extremely important how the capacity of both of the parents are with respect to the child it cannot be said and stressed enough that the court is not just looking at how the child interacts with the parents but also with the parents interaction with the child and so it must be stressed that children have to have the a fair opportunity for the court to assess the benefit to them of each of the parents and their capacity to to look after or to meet...